Cognitive Surplus Ch 2.

I agree with the Author that cyberspace and the real world no distinctly separated.  Now days, people depend on cyberspace to get them through the real world.  People use dating sites, gps apps, restaurant review apps and just about any other app you can think of that helps people get through their day.  I feel like the net, cyberspace or whatever you may want to call it has become fully integrated into our daily lives.  You can wear you technology, hold it in your hand, and connect it to your car.
The similar difference in the web and the printing press is that both made sharing something with the public easier than it was prior to the advent of either.  The difference is, it’s much easier to access and publish on the web today than it was to publish on the printing press back then. 
When there is an abundance of things, the quality may not be as good or the object may not be as coveted.  When something is in short supply, it is rare, and highly coveted. 
I think the web has become a great source of news.  Good or bad.  I didn’t read the newspaper much until there was an online version.  I didn’t have the time.  But now, i can read it in the Dr. office, waiting in line at McDonalds, or even at a stop light (bad idea).  I am more informed than i was prior to the media being as easily accessible as it is now. 



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