Cognitive Surplus Ch 1.

TV and my household have a love/hate relationship.  In the Winter months, we love it, can’t get enough of it, during the summer, we don’t pay it as much attention.  Because we, as Fairbanksans, are confined to the warm comforts of inside for the majority of winter, I find it difficult to not watch TV.  We all need an escape at some point, and when it’s dark and -50, our good friend the TV provides that escape.  I feel it is getting increasingly more difficult to enjoy good family viewing anymore due to nudity, sex and language, but that is another subject entirely. Yes, there is ALWAYS something you can be doing other than veggin’ out in front of the tube, but lets’s face it, sometimes it’s mentally relaxing to just sit there and not have to really think and just view.  To laugh at what’s right there in front of you.  People find time to do the things the want to do.  Sometimes that means putting off homework until the last minute to enjoy a favorite TV show.

I think what he means when saying “more is different” is: when there is less, it’s easier to anticipate, or predict.  As more happens, the variables change. Things are less predictable.

I think LOLCATZ are at the very least accessing a creative side in people. It’s provoking a thought process that is followed by an action. In my opinion, an action, as small as it may seem, is better than inactivity that others may view as watching TV. 🙂 

Other than a Wiki at work, I use the same sites (FB, Twitter) that were presented in this class. 


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