Review: Moonbattery is described as “Critique, commentary and discussion of left-leaning political factions” on it’s site. This blog “reports” on issues such as gun-control, weapons in school, and other issues that are forefront in the media.  There was an article about a boy who was suspended from school for bringing a swiss army knife on a week-long school camping trip.  The blog “reported” the kid was threatened with expulsion, had the police called on him, and was confined for the remainder of the trip.  It posted a picture of the boy, who looked about 9 or 10 with the 2-3 inch long swiss army knife.  It reported outrage and disbelief that this could happen.  That the knife was a tool, and so forth.  I agree that the situation was bad for the kid, and maybe the administrators overreacted, but the fact is the kid broke a rule.  The kid failed to abide by school policy and was punished for it.  The blog was set on bashing the policy itself without acknowledging any wrong doing by the kid or parent.  I didn’t see any sources cited. I wouldn’t look to this blog for news so to speak.  The blog had pictures of the President, with a caption contest, pictures of the First Lady, mocking her.  While entertaining and though provoking, I wouldn’t call it a reliable source of news, it’s very one-sided.




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