Social Media and Revolution

I agree with both.  Social Media isn’t absolutely needed, but it sure does spread the word fast.  Had there been twitter, texting and other fast forms of communication back then, things could have changed faster.  

I think technology matters a LOT when it comes to politics.  I remember being my sons age (12) and not having nearly as much information he as when it comes to politics.  He had so many facts and questions during the elections.  Technology has made this information easily available to EVERYONE.   I just don’t remember being that into elections when I was his age, and I have to assume it’s b/c the info wasn’t as readily available. 

There are potential dark sides to everything when in the wrong hands. 


Diigo and Flikr

  I definitely like flickr.  I see myself using this a lot.  I got lost a few times just browsing all the photos by other users.  I understand the concept of Diigo, but I really don’t see myself using this all that much.  Both sites are apart of this interconnected social world we are all linked into.

Web 2.0 assignment

I had never heard the term “Web 2.0” prior to my reading in this course.  I would describe Web 2.0 as a more personal interactive web.  Web 2.0 allows users to interact and collaborate more on the web than ever before.  Users can very easily share their life and experience through stories, posts, pictures or minute by minute updates in 120 characters or less.  

I have accounts on twitter and Facebook, book, but my participation is very limited on these sites.



I am a 30 year old student and mother of 2 from Fairbanks, Ak.  I work in the IT field, and love  my job. I am taking this class to help finish up my degree in IT with UAF.  

I was raised here in Fairbanks, and the winter is my playground. I enjoy snowboarding, snow-machining, snowball fights, winter bon fires, and everything snow.  

After 12 years to being the mother of a great little boy, I had a daughter. She is now 1.  Things are so much different with babies than they were 12 years ago, but I am enjoying every minute of it.  

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get from this class.  I really don’t have any expectations, I’m just open to what comes along.